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Nordic walking: the perfect exercise for all ages

Nordic Walking is great for people who are looking for a smart physical activity with maximum health benefits, combined with fun and convenience. Get into shape by burning up to 46% more calories than regular walking without increased exertion. Nordic Walking takes fitness walking to a new level by adding poles to produce an incredible upper body workout. This workout increases your endurance, strengthens your core, arms, chest, back, buttocks and legs improves your posture and flexibility and it takes stress off your ankle, knee and hip joints. As Nordic Walking is experiencing accelerated growth in such a short period of time and is now among the fastest growing new health & fitness activities worldwide.

Health Benefits

  • Nordic Walking combines upper and lower body workout for maximum health benefits
  • Works all major muscle groups in the body and increases oxygen consumption
  • Burns more calories than regular walking, up to 46% more efficient
  • Strengthens upper body, core, arms, chest, back, buttocks, and legs
  • Improves posture and flexibility
  • Reduces stress on joints and is low-impact
  • Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels
  • Ideal choice for improving overall health and wellbeing

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Dear Bernd & Gottfried, After completing successfully your Basic Nordic Walking Instructor certification course I would like to personally thank both of you for the fantastic learning experience. Along with the very professional presentation and teaching of the sport of Nordic Walking, the location in Pacific Palisades, California has to be a spot as close to heaven as any one human being can get to on this earth.
I would just like to let you both know that this last weekend was one of the most inspiring learning experiences I have ever encountered…Your mastery of the great sport of Nordic Walking was very much in evidence and I feel so privileged to have become a certified Nordic Walking Instructor.

Mike Barkhurst

Lincoln, California
The ANWA Nordic Walking certification class taught by Gottfried Kuermer was excellent. I learned the basic technique of Nordic Walking but also very good tips on how to teach others, what to watch for and how to address mistakes, and great suggestions for group training programming.
In addition I learned some fantastic exercises to utilize with my nordic walking clients and make my personal training or group training more exciting, fun and effective. This is a fantastic form of exercise that more and more people are bound to take up in this country and I’m excited to be on the edge of the wave! Thank you for the opportunity and the fabulous learning experience. 

Sandra Swami

Shoreview, Minnesota
After learning about the benefits of Nordic Walking, I felt it would be a great activity for me to introduce to my community. Living in a small, remote town in Wyoming, however, it is often difficult and expensive to travel outside the area to attend training for new activities. Therefore, I was very happy to discover that ANWA offered remote online training in basic and advanced levels of Nordic Walking.
Bernd Zimmermann provided all the materials I needed for the certification, including a skills DVD, and met with me several times to review videos of my walking technique. After achieving my Basic Certification, Bernd provided ongoing support to help me successfully teach several classes. Not only was completing the online certifications for both the basic and advanced levels easy and successful, I enjoyed the one-on-one coaching that I would not have received in a group setting.

Penny Fahey

Riverton, Wyoming
I have been a former x-country ski racer  and recently, I attended the ANWA Instructor Certification Course in Illinois, conducted by Gottfried who is recognized as one of the original Nordic Walking Master Trainers in Europe.
 I must say, in all sincerity, that the ANWA Course, and Gottfried Kurmer, in particular, exceeded my expectations! It is easy to see why Mr. Kurmer is recognized as one of the best Nordic Walking Instructors in the world!
 I learned more about Nordic Walking Technique in one weekend with Mr. Kurmer than in my previous total Nordic Walking experience. I highly recommend taking the ANWA Course!

Ed Urbanski

Greendale, Wisconsin
I signed up for the ANWA Online Basic Nordic Walking Instructor Training through
In the beginning I was not so sure if I could learn the Nordic Walking technique without taking a seminar in person at the headquarters in L.A. but actually it went very well!
I first learned the practical material and sent video clips about my practice to the CEO and Master Coach Bernd Zimmermann. After reviewing my practical Nordic Walking skills that I have learned through a very professional DVD produced by the ANWA headquarters.
Bernd Zimmermann made a tremendous effort to stay in touch with me and analyze my progress once a week during and after the certification procedure! His one-on-one coaching has been outstanding for me and I can highly recommend the Nordic Walking Remote Online Training to everyone.

Antje Waxman

Charlottesville, Virginia