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Smovey Vibroswings® is a swing ring system consisting of a spiral hose, 4 steel balls and a handle system with damping elements. The swinging of the freely movable ball mass and the resulting vibration create a unique pattern of movement, which is transmitted directly to the inner hand surfaces and massages the reflex zones and stimulates. Thus, the 500 gram weight of 4 balls can be accelerated up to 5 kilograms by the swing intensity infinitely.
The offered smoveyWALKING training workshops offer additional possibilities to use the Smovey Vibroswings® in other areas as well. Doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, fitness trainers and kinesiologists have discovered the Smovey Vibroswings® and are thrilled with the positive effect. smovey vibroswing can be used by anyone including, wheelchair users or people with MS or Parkinson’s.
smoveyWALKING is more than waving rings. smoveyWALKING is closely related to Nordic walking and brisk walking. During smoveyWALKING exercises you are strengthen the arm muscles, the abdominal muscles, the thigh muscles and work on endurance. Every walk is concluded with a smovey massage.


  • activates 97% of all muscles
  • vitalizes more than 100 million body cells
  • strengthens the connective tissue
  • mobilizes the digestive system
  • speeds up metabolism
  • massages and relieves the lymphatic system (= detoxification)
  • improves the immune system and the functioning of the thymus gland
  • strengthens the heart and vascular system
  • stimulates the reflex points in the hand through the refined vibrations and therefore has a positive effect on organs and glands.

Smovey rings are more than just dumbbells. Thanks to their vibrations, they are said to strengthen the body and mind!