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Smovey Benefits for Parkinson's Disease




The inventor of smovey and the Vibroswing-System is Johann “Salzhans” Salzwimmer. Full of energy and enjoying life, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the end of the 1990s. He accepted his diagnosis, but known throughout the Steyr/Ennstal region as an outstanding tennis player and skier, he began to rapidly develop a method to stabilize his condition. The result of this research was the Vibroswing-System and the movement and lifestyle bearing the name “smovey.”

A healthy life following the example of Mother Nature: He has succeeded over the years to maximize his quality of life while minimizing his dependence on medicine.

A healthy life following the example of Mother Nature: He has succeeded over the years to maximize his quality of life while minimizing his dependence on medicine.

He also stays true to his mantra:

“The power of fluid movement – and the strength of natural rest.”

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Salzhans was a full-time athlete and his life changed abruptly in 1996. At the time he was in Canada, helicopter skiing. He noticed for the very first time that there was something wrong with his body. Back home in Austria he received a staggering diagnosis: terminal Parkinson’s. His condition deteriorated so rapidly between 1996 and 2004 that he could not even handle the movements required in everyday life. He could not use a knife and fork to eat, could not shower, use the toilet, or dress himself. Because of this, he was declared fit for assisted living.
Despite all of this, Salzhans never lost his courage to face life and continued to try to move through everyday life and even tried to play tennis again. During and after tennis, he started noticing that his symptoms were less noticeable than they were at the beginning. He observed this more and more and began to think. He watches the swinging motion of his favorite player, Boris Becker, during serves. He copied these motions and realized that his physical improvement was due to the movements associated with serving, backhand, and forehand swings in tennis.
“Why am I only experiencing these results during tennis?” thought Hans, and from this point forward he decided wherever he went, he would have his tennis racquets in his hands. The effects were not particularly clear. Because of this he attempted to increase the benefits by attaching pieces of garden hose to the heads of the racquets and filled them with balls. This design also did not fulfill the image he had in his mind (and which also could not physically function). After many experiments and trials, he was able, through the help of a friend, to create the first closed swinging system from a specially-designed hose and steel balls. An unexpected side effect were these vibrations, which today play a much more significant role.
In December 2006 was the kickoff meeting in Vienna, and from this moment forward, the small family company expanded into an international powerhouse. To this day, not only has the smovey Vibroswing-System expanded, but the value of experience and the scientific knowledge, surrounding smovey has grown enormously every day. Since the beginning of 2008, the smovey corporation has carved out a significant niche in Austria’s health and wellness sector. In addition to the smovey Vibroswing, the product line consists of the Bellicon Mini-trampoline and the Liv-Aid Pads. The holistic (preventative and rehabilitative) movements and health are the focal points of the whole product line. Every product can individually contribute to the improvement of the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspect of life. The combination of these products together creates new challenges and opportunities.
A healthy life following the example of Mother Nature: Maximizing the quality of life while minimizing dependence on medicine.
“Smovey Rings” are a general health and wellness tool that combine exercise and vibration, which have particular beneficial applications for Parkinson’s Disease. Indeed, these hand held “rings” were invented by Johann Salzwimmer, an Austrian Tennis player and a person with Parkinson’s, who actually initially designed them specifically to help himself. So it is not hard to understand why these are proving beneficial now with many other people who also have neurological conditions.
They consist, at the most basic level, of corrugated plastic tubes with some steel balls inside. As one swings the rings, the balls move up and down in the tube, causing significant vibrations that travel up the arms into the brain and body. While the idea is simple, the care and attention with which they have been designed is rather interesting: the color, weight, hand grip material, frequency of vibration, etc., are all supposed to be optimal.