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Prepares participant on all aspects of Nordic Walking education
20 Lesson Seminar (16 hrs) conducted personally by ANWA’s Master Coaches and his Trainer Team
Part 2: Theory with written exam 8 hrs remote online in combination with conference calls Business Opportunities – Marketing -how to promote and expand Nordic Walking in the US
Seminar prepares participant on all aspects of Nordic Walking education.
A primary objective of the Professional Seminar is to provide instructors with comprehensive knowledge in Nordic Walking.
This professional seminar covers “cutting edge” sport science concepts and specific knowledge from a scientific perspective. ANWA’s combined long-term experience and know-how will provide the participant with the latest tools and training so participant will be able to run Nordic Walking workshops for cardio training, weight loss, diabetes, back pain, arthritis and even Rehab.
The seminar provides the skills and opportunity to establish a partnership with ANWA to conduct classes, workshops, and seminars according to ANWA guidelines.
For the aspiring and experienced Health & Fitness Professional working one-on-one with exercise clients or in groups, or in corporate business – this two day Los Angeles, California Professional Certification Seminar includes lectures, practical demonstration, written and practical exams.

The following prerequisites are required in order to attend an ANWA Professional Instructor Certification Seminar:

  • Current ANWA member.
  • Completion of two ANWA certification seminars.
  • 6+ months training as ANWA Advanced Instructor
  • Certification in a related health, fitness, or training activity.
  • Valid CPR certification.
  • Responsible for teaching and promoting Nordic Walking professionally nationwide, for their own business in cooperation with ANWA.

Topics to be covered during the Advanced Certification seminar include:


Review, refresh and improve upon all topics covered during the ANWA Advanced Seminar and improving to the Professional level.
Nordic Walking advanced techniques, including Nordic Walking – Jogging – Jumping – Skating; Interval Training; and Advanced Exercises, including games, fun, and play.
The Professional Certification Seminar will introduce even more advanced Nordic Walking techniques, including: the newest Nordic Walking exercises, Nordic Fitness, Nordic Blading, and for the very first time Skike – a new exciting dynamic Nordic Fitness sport challenge – will be featured.
Specialized Weight-Loss management and Nordic Walking combined with the new, innovative Wrap N’Go method from Europe – which can provide fantastic results.
Individual analysis of your personal Nordic Walking technique, and personalized coaching to ensure an improved, consistent, and professional technique meeting ANWA guidelines.
Examination + correction of participant’s instructor skills while actively teaching participants. Video analysis. Each instructor will receive their personal seminar CD.


Fitness Assessment & Nutrition Fundamentals.
Anatomy, physiology, injury prevention.
Biomechanics related to the scientifically proven health benefits of Nordic Walking.
Rules, Safety management, Training Waivers & Release.
Instructor insurance.
How to handle special students with physical issues.
Communication skills, leadership and motivational coaching.

Business Opportunities:

Nordic Walking business and Partnering with ANWA.
ANWA will offer selected and qualified participants – upon successful passing of the Professional Certification Seminar exam – a partnership contract for future business opportunities.
Professional ANWA Instructors will be offered an exciting business opportunity to build their own Nordic Walking business with the help and support of ANWA, allowing them to realize the potential of the fastest growing sport in the world.
This is fantastic for entrepreneurial Instructors, who are motivated to promote and expand Nordic Walking, and plan to create revenue with their hobby in a full, or part time, business.
The certified ANWA Professional Instructor will represent ANWA’s Elite Instructor network. In partnership with ANWA, certified Professional Instructors will conduct future workshops and seminars, along with ANWA Master Coaches. These will be in their local area, or nationwide with compensation directly from ANWA.
ANWA’s web-based business network provides a personal log and download center- exclusively for the Professional ANWA Instructor. Special exclusive web access to ANWA’s Archive for (Education, Training, Research, Documents and Marketing tools).
Direct communication and support from the ANWA management.

Additional income opportunities for ANWA’s growing Instructor network include:

  • Discounted Nordic Walking equipment from ANWA’s sponsors.
  • Organize and promote ANWA training and education, and Nordic Walking Events nationwide in partnership with ANWA.

What is included in the Seminar:

  • Instruction in theory and practice
  • Printed Workshop Materials
  • Certification (dependent upon passing Instructor Certification Exam)
  • Exclusive, discounted pricing for the newest, top quality Nordic Walking Poles (dependent upon passing Professional Instructor Certification Exam)

What is provided during the Seminar:

  • Nordic Walking Poles will be available for your use.
  • Nordic Walking Related Products and Accessories will also be available.

What do you need to bring?:

  • Sport Shoes, Outdoor Clothing, Sunscreen

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