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For getting started-for beginners the adjustable poles are more practical and might be a better choice. For the advanced and more experienced Nordic Walker the one piece fixed length poles are recommended. Get the pole length you want, - you're not locked into just one size: Adjustable poles makes it quick & easy to change pole-length for any situation: One-size-fits-all when buying - 1-piece poles typically come in 2" (5cm) increments so be sure to get 'close enough' when choosing your size.

These two types of poles may look similar, but there are significant differences in design, which allow them to serve different functions. The main differences are the grips, straps and bottom tips. Each type of pole is ergonomically designed specifically to fit its intended use.


Nordic walking poles are designed to maximize energy expended while walking for fitness by actively engaging your upper body with a full arm-swing and "plant and propel" action. The poles are typically held at about a 45 degree angle with the tips always planted behind your body (not straight up & down in front of your body), the handle grips are angled with NO finger grooves, the straps are like mini-gloves to help with the extended swing motion, and they have attachable rubber tips for traction on hard surfaces like pavement.


Trekking poles are designed to minimize energy expended while hiking by adding stability and taking stress off the knees. The poles are typically held almost straight up & down in front of the body, the handle grips often have finger-grooves and a flat top for down-hills, they normally have just a loop strap to help prevent dropping the poles, and they don't have rubber tips since they're not used on pavement.


Nordic Walking

 • Poles are usually 1 section-one-piece fixed-length or -2 sections although three-sectioned and are also available
• Poles are lighter and their tips are meant to be engaged to the sides and behind the body while walking
• LEKI Nordic Walking poles are used for pushing off the ground to engage the whole body
• Follow-through is important – the natural gait of arm/leg motion is intuitive
• Not meant to support weight but to evenly distribute stress and movement, and engage the walking surface
• Nordic Walking poles are not gripped as tightly as trekking poles are, but rather, held loosely
• The hands are connected to the poles with straps that click in securely and have a releasable Trigger feature
• The Rubber Tips are angled to assist with push-off and maximum movement
 • Poles can be used without the tips on soft or irregular surfaces



• Poles are 3 sections
• Poles are used in front of the body in order to absorb stress to the joints
• The poles are planted out in front, using the muscles of the arms and shoulders
• Used for balance and stability and to take pressure off the knees on steeper slopes
• The user lightly holds onto the poles with the aid of an adjustable strap
• The hands can move freely in the straps and are not attached to the poles
• Carbide Flextips are concave in order to connect evenly with the walking surface, especially rock and ice
• Rubber Tips over the Carbide Flextips may be used indoors or on pavement; however, they are not advised for use on rock or ice

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Yes, of course all poles and spare parts like rubber tips are always sold in pairs.
Nordic walking is really easy to do for almost anyone, regardless of age, fitness level or athletic ability / coordination - that's one reason why over 8 million people have switched to Nordic walking since it was introduced in Europe in 1997. Basically, you walk like normal but move your arms more and use the poles to "plant and propel" yourself forward with each step - nice and easy if you want, or more intensively for a better workout.

Clearly, you realize the importance of professional instruction - because the desired benefits of Nordic Walking can only be achieved through proper technique. So, if you’d like to get started with Nordic Walking right away, or you cannot attend one of ANWA's training events - we recommend the Nordic Walking Instructional DVD/Video “Nordic Walking - the Ultimate Fitness Experience”. Please visit the website for more information.

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NO - a Nordic Track is an indoor fitness equipment. Nordic Walking is an outdoor full body workout that uses two specially designed and constructed poles- and where you get to breath in fresh air.