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Beginners Starter Package 2


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Budget Friendly Nordic Walking Poles With Professional Training Video, and Water Bottle Holder.


The Great Value Nordic Walking Poles is an adjustable pole made of Light Aluminum.

Perfect for Instructors, regular Walkers, Schools and Seniors

  • Light weight, height-adjustable Nordic Walking Poles (83cm -143cm )
  • 2-segment Shaft.
  • Twist-Lock System.
  • Diameter: 16-14mm
  • Shaft: Aluminum 7075
  • Grip: Comfortable EVA sweat absorbing coating.
  • Hand Loops: Ergonomically shaped for right and left hand; soft no rub material. Adjustable.
  • All-Terrain-Use: Removable Rubber Tips for hard Surface
  • Blunt Carbide tip for soft surface.
  • Each set of poles comes with a carry bag

When you have selected the right equipment, it is important you learn how to properly use it! Many people look at a pamphlet or a website and assume all they need to do is walk while holding the poles. Unfortunately, they fail to pay close attention to technique and never receive the benefits Nordic Walking truly offers. While the process for learning Nordic Walking is not complicated, like any sport there are essential foundations one must learn. Clearly, the best way to learn Nordic Walking is via professional instruction. Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport in North America and since this type of instruction may not yet be available near you, the best solution is our Nordic Walking Instructional Video. This highly acclaimed resource allows you to learn visually, in the comfort of your home. If you are already receiving professional instruction the Video will allow you to continue learning at home, and fully support your training experience.

There is no doubt you’ll quickly realize (and feel) the difference proper technique makes – as you understand what Nordic Walking is really all about!
Buy the Nordic Walking Instructional Video
By the way, the Nordic Walking Video is not a quick infomercial for the sport. This sixty minutes full-length, instructional Video is produced by Bernd Zimmermann the founder and president of the American Nordic Walking Association, and provides a complete picture of Nordic Walking explaining the following key areas in detail: Nordic Walking History, Advantages of Nordic Walking, Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques,Typical Mistakes, Personal Heart Rate Zones, Interval Training, Health Benefits of Nordic Walking, Fun and Exercises with poles, and much more.

Whats Included:

Our Beginners Starter Package 2 is a great value because it includes everything needed to get started. Our package includes Nordic Walking Poles, an Instructional Video and a Waist Belt with Bottle (Fanny Pack) to guide you in your training
ANWA Instructional Video via USB Key Stick
Nordic Walking – The Ultimate Fitness Experience
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