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Nordixx Global Stabilizer Starter Package


$128.50 + shipping


$118.50 + free shipping

Button Lock System (like a cane) for ease of adjusting height of pole
New Hand Grips  has a wider diameter to make gripping easier + slight lip on bottom for assisting support of body for those who need it.
 Thicker diameter pole  making them sturdier and stronger for greater reliable full body weight support

*  Comfortable EVA Sweat absorbing coating on Hand Grips
*  Hand / Wrist Straps are adjustable:  Ergonomically shaped for Left and Right hands
*  Removable Rubber Boot Tips for hard surfaces
*  Carbide Metal Tip for  ice, snow, sand or loose terrain
*  Set of poles comes with a carrying bag
*  1 year warranty on manufacturer defects
*  Manufactured under German Quality & Safety Agency (TUV)
*  1 Pair of Rubber Fitness Tips