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Gabel Hybrid Carbon poles are a technical, compact and light. They can also be used in winter. This model is recommended for an expert user who looks for maximum lightness, the smallest bulkiness and maximum opening / closing speed in all seasons.
These are carbon 3K poles, with aluminum lower section, adjustable in height and foldable. They are made up of a total of 4 sections, of which only one is adjustable in height, so they are available in 2 sizes: XTS and XTL.
The extended foam handgrip allows a comfortable and ergonomic grip, also suitable for winter use.
The strap made of antibacterial material is adjustable and removable, thanks to the patented TCS system.
The height adjustment is quick and safe thanks to the fast lock on the upper section.
Openings and closings of the poles are quick thanks to the wired system, characterized by a cable that holds the various sections together when the poles are closed. These poles can in fact be closed with a small button and reach a minimum size of 34 cm.
The lower section in aluminum makes them resistant to cuts, therefore also suitable for trails on snow or rocky terrains, snowshoeing or ski mountaineering.
The widia tip guarantees optimal grip on all types of grounds, from rocky to icy ones.
Hybrid Carbon poles are equipped with interchangeable double baskets, one for summer and one for fresh snow, and are packaged in a practical fabric bag, excellent for storing them in a tidy manner after use.


Top Click System – a rapid release system for simple and secure strap adjustment that also allows for easy strap replacement.


Ultra lock – High performance locking system with alluminium lever, fast and effective, even at low temperatures and when wearing gloves.


Soft and light grip


Carbide Tip


Monolock is the latest development of the Gabel Fast Lock systems, based on the principle of the adjustable clamp.
The evolution of the materials has made it possible to make the design minimalistic, with fewer moving parts and a clamping capacity further increased by 20%,compared to the previous generation.
The small size improves the look of the poles without affecting their practicality, as the clamping lever and the
adjustment wheel remain of an ergonomic shape and size, and can also be
used with gloves.


The innovated technology WIRED will allow you to bend your pole, using a simple button. The different pole’s sections are connected with a high-strength cable. The advantage of this technology is having a pole very compact, light, less bulky and easy to carry.


Special high module carbon fiber with special geometry for lighter shafts and higher resistance.


Ultralight Poles with superior length/weight ratio