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What’s Included:

– Set of Fusion Wired Poles

– Official ANWA Instructional Video

– 1 Pair of Rubber Fitness Tips

Gabel Fusion Wired poles are designed to be used in all seasons and to adapt to 6 different outdoor activities. They are recommended both for an intermediate level user and for a first approach to the various activities, as they allow you to have a single product that can be adapted according to your needs. They also have a small footprint when closed.
They are made of aluminium, foldable, made up of a total of 4 sections, only one of which is adjustable in height. Height adjustment is fast and safe thanks to the presence of a fast lock on the upper section.
Opening and closing of the poles are quick thanks to the wired system, consisting of a cable that holds the various sections together when the sticks are closed. These sticks can in fact be closed using a small button and reach a minimum size of 37 cm.
The Nordic walking handlegrip in double hardness is ergonomic and allows you to have a comfortable grip on any type of terrain.
There are two straps supplied: one is an adjustable strap, suitable for various activities, while the other is a strap dedicated to Nordic walking and trail running. Both are equipped with the patented NCS system, which allows you to remove them very quickly and easily thanks to the small button located on the upper part of the handle.
In addition to the two types of straps, the poles come with a bag containing a large variety of interchangeable accessories, excellent for adapting them to the new activity.
Among the various accessories supplied there are 2 types of toe covers, trekking pads and Nordic walking pads, fresh snow, ski and trail running baskets.
A schematic wheel is also provided which allows you to easily select the most suitable accessories for the activity you are about to start.
The widia tip guarantees optimal grip on all types of terrain and in all conditions.


Quick Nordic strap release, integrated strap and glove. Combining the C.P.S. system with the glove allows levels of comfort hiterto unimaginable, allowing you to push evenly down with your whole hand and thus avoiding stress points. Push the plastic till the end of the hole (you’ll hear a click), the strap is now fixed, release your hand from the pole by pushing the top N.C.S. button, your hand is now free.


Monolock is the latest development of the Gabel Fast Lock systems, based on the principle of the adjustable clamp. The evolution of the materials has made it possible to make the design minimalistic, with fewer moving parts and a clamping capacity further increased by 20%, compared to the previous generation. The small size improves the look of the poles without affecting their practicality, as the clamping lever and the adjustment wheel remain of an ergonomic shape and size, and can also be used with gloves.


Carbide Tip, strong and resistant for every surface, hardly corrosible, with this capacity can be shiny longer than any other metal.