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– Set of Cobra re-volution Poles – Official ANWA Instructional Video – 1 Pair of Rubber Fitness Tips
Cobra Re-volution poles represent the top of the range for Nordic walking. This model is recommended for an expert user who looks for maximum lightness and the smallest possible footprint in an adjustable product, which can be placed in a suitcase. These are Snake Carbon poles, adjustable in height and foldable. Once folded in two, thanks to the Twist Lock and extracted the upper section, the pole reaches the size of only 52 cm, so small that it can be stored in hand luggage/backpack. The handgrip in real cork provides a stable and comfortable grip. The strap, thanks to the patented NCS system, can be released from the pole quickly and easily. The height is adjustable by rotating the tubes; this process activates the internal expander with a double-point friction seal. The widia tip guarantees optimal grip on all types of terrains, from earthy to rocky ones. hey are equipped with a basket, toe cover pads and a reflective sticker for greater visibility.


Special high module carbon fiber with special geometry. This process allowed to make tubes 20% lighter, as well as boosting resistance by 18%.


 The grip in true natural cork has good insulating features, which provide an ideal transpiration, avoids the formation of bad smells and it is resistant over time, for these reasons can be used at high/low temperatures without problems.


Quick Nordic strap release, integrated strap and glove. Combining the C.P.S. system with the glove allows levels of comfort hiterto unimaginable, allowing you to push evenly down with your whole hand and thus avoiding stress points. Push the plastic till the end of the hole (you’ll hear a click), the strap is now fixed, release your hand from the pole by pushing the top N.C.S. button, your hand is now free.


The reflective sticker allows more visibility and safety during evening and foggy activities.


Twist Lock makes your poles compact! This locking system is operated through two simple, easy and intuitive steps. Just rotate by 90° degrees the lower section towards the open lock icon. Follow the instructions on the stick (open / closed padlock). In correspondence of the open lock, pulling outward, the lower section will be released from the top one. Once the lower section is released, this can be turned toward the upper one, mAking the stick compact. To put it back together, you just need to reinsert the lower section into the upper one, then rotate it toward the closed lock, with a 90° rotation. Once the different sections are locked, you can use your stick normally. The Twist Lock is interchangeable.


Internal locking system with two points of friction, thanks to Gabel experience in the outdoor sector, the locking system with expanders is one of the best on the market, with a resistance over 150 kg and guarantees the maximum reliability in each performance level.


Carbide Tip, strong and resistant for every surface, hardly corrosible, with this capacity can be shiny longer than any other metal.