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For those looking to take their walking poles along while traveling, the Traveller Carbon is a perfect choice. This three-part telescoping pole collapses down to 66 cm (25 in) and fits in almost any suitcase or backpack. Thanks to the reliable Speed Lock 2 plus locking system, the pole can be infinitely adjusted on the fly between 90 cm – 130 cm. The Traveller Carbon comes with a carbide tip for natural environments and a rubber tip for use in urban/indoor environments.

The Traveller Carbon will help you experience new roads, trails, meadows and hills no matter where you go.
The Traveller Carbon by LEKI is sturdy and ensures optimum power transmission during Nordic Walking. You do not want to miss out on Nordic Walking – here is the perfect pole. Your smart companion when traveling.

* Listed shipping prices apply for the U.S. only!

* Trigger S 2.0 Shark: Highest comfort, maximum power transmission, easy handling – thanks to one-hand operation. Compatible with all Trigger Shark gloves.
* Shark Actice Strap: Breathable soft inner material. Perfected cut, wide contact surface, 360° palm – no material overlaps, direct, close contact with the handle.
* Carbon: Robust top made of aluminum, super lightweight and stiff bottom made of carbon for a perfect swing action with minimal weight.
* Segments: 3-piece
* Pipe diameter: 16 | 14 | 12 mm
* Adjustment range: 90 – 130 cm
* Pack size: 68 cm
* Weight: 191 g / pair